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Cinema Siamese

Last Update 09/11/97

The Centennial Anniversary of Cinema in Thailand
See the commemorative stamps for the occasion.

What kinda films are playing to Thai Audience at present?
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19 october - 10 november 1996

The European Union Film Festival


1-2, 7-9 June 199

Film Fistory of Thailand

Film History of Thailand

20 Thai Movies of All Time

20 Most Memorable Thai Films

Page updated with more films' posters

Film Directors of Thailand

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Stats and Charts
Thailand's 30 Top-Grossing Foreign Films in 1995
20 Top-Grossing Thai Films in 1995
Thailand's 20 Top-Grossing Foreign Films of All Time
10 Top-Grossing Thai Films of All Time

Sakchai Phanawat's Home Page

Sakchai Phanawat ,1997