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Route to the Royal Cremation Ground

The royal Funeral Ceremony consists of six processions, which will take place from March 10 to 14. The first three take place on March 10. Their purpose is to convey the Royal Remains from the Grand Palace to the Merumas. They will actually form three stages of a single progression, rather like three movements in a piece of music.

The First Procession (No. I on map) will begin at Sri SunthorD Gate before proceeding to Dhevapirom Gate, then Maharaj Road and Tai Wang Road.

The Second Procession (No.2 on map) will start from Sanam Chai Road in front of Wat Phra Chetuphon and move along Rajadamnern Nai Road and the short road that passes through the middle of Sanam Luang.

The Third Procession (No.3 on map) will perform three circumambulations of the Merumas in the Royal Cremation Ground at Sanam Luang. This is described in detail on this page.

The routes of the later three processions, which follow on March 11, 13, and 14, are detailed on this page.

  • In memory of our beloved Princess Mother
  • A short history of the royal funeral vehicles
  • The Grand funeral Procession
  • Route to the Royal Cremation Ground
  • Timetable of religious and procession
  • The Royal Cremation Ground
  • Procession routes after the royal Cremation
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